UK Landscape Photographer: Great Gable

Great Gable is an imposing mountain when seen from any angle.  A few days spent exploring Great Gable and the other hills overlooking Wasdale Head, this is the first of the series, taken from one of my favourite Lakes wild camp locations on Kirk Fell.  Evenings such as this are magical, no wind and clear conditions with beautiful light from the setting sun show the dramatic western rounded bulk of Great Gable.  It was good to look back at my route, descending Great Gable to Beck Head for the short pull to the top of Kirk Fell for an overnight camp.  Great End in the background is not to be outdone here, catching the last rays as the shadow from Yewbarrow and Kirk Fell steadily climb it’s flanks.  It’s easy enough to while away an entire day and night on Kirk Fell, the views are superlative in all directions. I was blessed with good weather, especially in the later Golden Hour of sunset and memories of this trip will last.

This  image was taken with the Hasselblad Xpan(ii) and 45mm lens on Fuji Velvia 50.  The Hasselblad Xpan(ii) is a fine camera that should still be in production.  To FujiFilm’s eternal shame, it was discontinued several years ago for the spurious reason that the soldering content was environmentally damaging.  So, Fuji, why not find another method of attaching stuff?  The fact that there is a booming second user market with steadily rising prices indicates that the Xpan is now probably even more popular and sought after than ever.  Although the camera was a technical marvel and very convenient to use, the frames are tiny in comparison to larger 3:1 ratio panoramic frames.  As an example, the laws of physics dictate that Xpan image quality doesn’t compare to the big guns such as 6x17cm.  You’ll also need a medium format capable scanner to handle the Xpan frames.  If you’re going this far, larger formats such as 6x9cm  that will crop to give more area than Xpan then become a more versatile option. Even so, it was a sad day for many landscapers when the Xpan(ii) was consigned to history so prematurely.

Great Gable and Great End from Kirk Fell

Hasselblad Xpan(ii), 45mm, Fuji Velvia 50asa.

Evening light bathes Great Gable and Great End.

Evening light bathes Great Gable and Great End.



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