Beech The Adoration of Trees #2

This majestic old beech in my local woodland caught my eye during an evening walk.  The Fuji X100T seems to be my tree camera by default, maybe the ‘T’ is for tree!   Somehow I doubt it but the diminutive Fuji X100T is perfect for these kinds of image.  It has a good higher-iso performance which is useful in woodland.  In summer when the leaf canopy blocks out a lot of light, it’s very useful to be able to increase the iso without detriment to the image quality.  I love the multiple-trunked graphic outline of this old tree.  I wondered about it’s history and whether it was planted by man or natural growth.  The texture of the bark is beautiful, were I a child it would beg to be climbed!


English Woodland

Mature beech in the Outwoods near Loughborough in Leicestershire

Beech Tree


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