Calima, Lanzarote

I don’t like calimas, they can turn Canary Islands world into a desaturated, dust-coated bore for several days.  Usually they do, but this one, though heavy, brought some interesting effects as the sun was trying to pierce the gloom.  Day turned to a sort of pink/beige wash and the sea movement carried on, spindrift and all.  I was pleased for the spindrift because the breeze was steady and eventually won it’s battle with the calima. Within 24 hours white balance, levels and sharpening were restored and the sun shone once again.  This image was originally made with the Fuji GX617 and 90mm lens.  It was the wrong choice of format, I realised that at the time, so I composed with the intention of cropping to a 2:1 ratio (as 6×12 format).  It’s harder than you’d think with such a wide angle lens as the Fujinon SWD 90mm.  It almost worked, the sun is around the top hot-spot on the left hand third which is more or less where I wanted it.  On the whole, calimas are best avoided!

Calima at sunset


Calima, Lanzarote

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