Rowan The Adoration of Trees #4

This gnarly old rowan still clings to life in Crowden Clough, at least horizontally. I’ve passed this way many times over the years and it has never changed or deteriorated.  Each spring there is some very small new growth so I’m not sure whether is is clinging on or if this is just economy of effort.  The heather is particularly colourful right now and the profusion of wild bilberries made a wonderful treat.  I always make a point of stopping to pick a handful of bilberries, food for free and packed with vitamins and anti-oxidents.  There’s something satisfying about a snack that has been naturally provided by your route!  Rowan berries are also edible, but I find them too bitter so it isn’t really a contest when you’re surrounded by bilberries.

Colours and textures proliferate.  Millstone, peat, bracken, grasses, mosses, bilberries and the stream are a sensory cornucopia.  Gathering a few bilberries and sitting on a rock to slowly eat them makes a fulfilling break!

Rowan, Peak District

Rowan and heather, Crowden Clough

Heather in Crowden Clough

Fuji X100T

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