Hawthorn The Adoration of Trees #5

Hawthorn trees seem to  suddenly appear on Dartmoor.  When hawthorns appear the feel of landscape changes, it becomes more an ecosystem than a landscape.  The feeling is as if you’re being allowed into their environment rather than walking through on the assumption that you can do. It’s easy to see why myths and legends surround these trees, they are enigmatic, at least to my eye, throughout all the seasons.  For anyone interested in the significance of the hawthorn (aggle or pixie-pear) on Dartmoor, there is an informative website here: http://www.legendarydartmoor.co.uk/haw_thorn.htm

These old trees stand fast in their often harsh environment.  Dartmoor is an unforgiving place and it amazes me that they manage to survive with the the odds so heavily against them.  This tenacity adds to their enigmatic presence and this old tree on the flank of Ingra Tor is a good example.  I’ve revisited this tree several times over the past couple of decades.  Whenever I see it again, it always seems to have changed it’s shape a little.

Sometimes the visual change is barely perceptible, but it’s there nevertheless.  A sign that the tree is able to adapt in order to survive, maybe.

I used the Leica MP and Ilford Delta 100 with a 90mm Elmarit-M f2.8 lens fitted with a Heliopan O22 filter.  Ro9 was the developer.

Hawthorn, Dartmoor

Dartmoor hawthorn tree

Hawthorn on Dartmoor

Leica MP, 90mm Elmarit-M, Ilford Delta 100, Heliopan O22

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