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Two weeks to go until my Wild Light Photo Tour of the Outer Hebrides and we’re fully booked.  Thoughts turn towards our time there a year ago and what a wonderful, often hilarious, idyllic, fun time we had, especially on beautiful Losgaintir!  So much has happened to me in that time, much of it beyond my dreams, some of it painful, but all of it leaving wonderful and affectionate memories of a time and place I was lucky to have even for a short while.  The Weight is lifting, Losgaintir sings it’s siren call again and I’m looking forward to returning to this place with another fun-loving group of photographers on our next Wild Light Photography Tour.  One of the hallmarks of a Wild Light Photography Workshop is that whilst there is always a carefully compiled itinerary for us to follow, we usually add something unexpected to it and quite often it will be something a little ‘off-piste’.  The Islands offer endless opportunities for exploration and we take full advantage of that, there are myriad places tucked away just waiting for us to find and photograph them!

On our previous photography workshops in the Outer Hebrides, the weather has been very kind to us.  Even so, we need to be prepared for anything and even when the weather is bad the Islands are magnificent.  The image below was taken on our 2014 workshop when we had static high pressure for the entire time.  Each day was sunny, warm and calm.  Not always the best conditions for landscape photography but the high pressure haze did have an ethereal effect on those long exposure images.  I can’t wait to return to the Islands, they are a truly wonderful destination for our Wild Light Photography Workshops.

Luskentyre, Isle of Harris.  Nikon D810, Nikon 24mm f1.4G.  Formatt-Hitech 10-stop irnd filter.

Losgaintir, Isle of Harris.

Luskentyre haze.

Wild Light Photography Tours and Workshops in the Outer Hebrides with Steve Walton

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