Supermoon at Callanish, Isle of Lewis. Wild Light Photography Tours with Steve Walton.

Less than a week to go until my fully-booked 2015 Wild Light Photography Tour of the Outer Hebrides begins.  Although we are not scheduled to see a supermoon whilst we are there this year, we are based as usual at the high quality Harris Hotel in Tarbert,  perfectly situated for exploring the wonderful Islands of Harris, Lewis, Scalpay and North Uist. Each time I visit the Islands new places emerge that I have previously not discovered.  The changing light and moods of these incredibly varied landscapes and seascapes are a deep well of inspiration and the 2014 supermoon was an amazing bonus.  I cannot wait to return once again.

During my Wild Light Tour in 2014, our time on the Islands coincided with the supermoon and the obvious location to witness this phenomenon was at the Callanish standing stones.  The moon rose around 10pm and as it climbed higher, it became larger and brighter than any moon I had ever seen before.  By 11pm, it seemed as if night had turned into day as the intensity of the moonlight cast long shadows from the stones.  I stood and watched in awe as night turned to day from the intensity of the moonlight and waited patiently until the moon rose just high enough to rest on the point of one of the stones nearest to me.  It was surprising so see just how rapidly the moon followed it’s pre-determined path and a long exposure would have rendered the moon’s shape as an elyptical or oval.  The advantage of using the Nikon D810 was that I could increase the iso setting in order to use a reasonably fast shutter speed and maintain the normal shape of the moon.  I eventually had to stop taking photographs as my camera, lenses and filters were becoming soaked with the heavy dew, in fact everything was wet through with condensation running off my camera and tripod!  It really was an amazing evening, one of those that would be almost impossible to repeat.


Supermoon at Callanish, Isle of Lewis

Supermoon at Callanish Standing Stones

Supermoon at Callanish

Nikon D810, 24mm f1.4G

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