What’s Happened to Winter Again?

Edale Sunrise

From The Nab above Edale in Winter.

Edale Knoll and Grindsbrook Clough, Edale

Fuji GX617, Fuji Velvia 50

 Whilst there has been significant snowfall in some parts of the UK this winter, once again it seems to be bypassing the Midlands.  There’s still time, though, and patience is definitely a virtue for the dedicated landscape photographer!  Sorting through my transparency archive revealed this 6x17cm transparency that I made during winter a couple of years ago, which was the last time we had any snowfall worth talking about.  As I looked at the image on the lightbox, the memory of that beautiful crisp morning came back.  I had set out from Edale  and walked up to The Nab, which makes a good viewing plaform across the valley to The Great Ridge beyond and along Grindsbrook Clough.  As the sun rose above The Great Ridge on the opposite side of the valley, Edale Knoll and the head of Grindsbrook Clough were kissed by a lovely pink glow.

It was short-lived, I had time to make a couple of exposures as the bank of hill fog visible in the image behind Edale Knoll rolled inexorably across the plateau to engulf the scene and myself for the rest of the day.  Everything from then was shrouded in cold grey clag, but that’s Kinder Scout for you: things often change in the blink of an eye!  The walking on the plateau is always a good workout though and a day on Kinder Scout is never a day wasted, especially when I have the chance, however brief, to create an image for my archive.

The impact of the Velvia transparency on the lightbox also reminded my why I like Fuji’s  wonder-emulsion so much.  The GX617 too, despite being a hungry beast to feed with only 4 exposures on a 120 roll!

When snow eventually returns to Kinder Scout, so will I – loaded again with a few rolls of Velvia 50 and the Fuji GX617.

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