The Adoration of Trees #6

 Trees make wonderful photographic subjects.  It was the sense of desolation about this olive tree in Cyprus that captured my imagination.  The bent and twisted trunk seems to animate the tree as if it could bend, change shape and move itself at will. Trees are exactly the kind of subject I enjoy photographing with 35mm.  Small prints, in this case 16×12″ often have an intimacy that enhances impact. In Western culture, we read from left to right so it seemed compositionally stronger to me for the tree to be leaning into the image from the left.  Having walked around the tree before I decided on my viewpoint confirmed this for me and the direction of the light was also in the correct place.  Being slightly behind and to my right, the hazy sunlight of January lit the inner curve of the tree trunk with dappled light filtering through the leaves.

An ancient landscape, a symbolic tree and a little hazy sky detail teased out with the orange filter.  It could have been seen this way aeons ago, the old olive tree a part of daily life then as it still is today, it wasn’t difficult to sit and imagine a passer-by several thousand years previously making an imaginary relationship between the tree and the rock!

Olive Tree, Cyprus.

Cyprus Olive Trees

                                                                                          Leica MP, 50mm Elmar-M f2.8, Ilford HP5+