Bleaklow Sunrise from Barrow Stones

An overnight bivi on Bleaklow at Barrow Stone on the hottest days of the year so far brought a beautiful, calm Bleaklow sunrise.  The little Fuji X100T is proving to be my favourite digital camera for hillwalking of any I have previously used, and there have been quite a few! It may be small, but it is certainly capable of creating lovely, clean images. I didn’t bother with a tent on this trip, just the Exped Downmat, Mountain Equipment Snowline down sleeping bag and a Rab Storm bivibag.  The Storm bivibag was useful with such a lightweight sleeping bag, despite the heat of the day, things did cool down during the night and a little condensation did form at the foot end of the Storm.  Not anywhere near enough to be a problem, though!  I woke around 4am just as the sun began to appear above the atmospheric haze and, once it was clear of that, I took the image below. Warmth and light began to spread across the vast expanse of Peak District moorland that surrounded me.  Colour returned to the landscape and a new, even hotter day than yesterday lay ahead.

If there’s one wish from me for the next iteration of the Fuji X100 series, it will be for a base iso of 64 or 50, but until then I’ll be taking this gorgeous little mirrorless camera with me on many more adventures!

Sunrise from Barrow Stones

Bleaklow sunrise from Barrow Stones

Bleaklow sunrise

Wildcamp on Bleaklow.

Bleaklow bivi

Bivi on Bleaklow

I’m very much a proponent of the ‘leave nothing but footprints’ ethos.  I leave nothing and I hate to see the mess that inconsiderate people sometimes leave behind them. I don’t know how those who do abuse our wild places can live with themselves.  Minimalism is a wonderfully liberating way to travel through the landscape, though.  Everything comes down to a very simple way of existing outdoors.  Basic but safe shelter and the means to keep warm and dry, the ability to cook a meal and make a hot drink (even after a hot day’s walking) and little else to worry about. A Kupilka, a spork, a White Box alcohol stove a titanium bowl and a kettle, a few teabags and enough water and food for the trip, what more do we really need!

Schoolboy humour.

Bleaklow rock formations.

Rock formations on Bleaklow

Well, for the benefit of those who have never met me I suppose I should own up to the fact that I never really grew out of it, but come on….who could resist a wry grin! Making shapes out of clouds and rocks has been around as an idle pastime since the beginning and I see trolls in many places.  Put the two together in that schoolboy way and I’ll take a snigger or two for free.  Who cares!


Claret Pools

Bleaklow clare pool!

Barrow Stones red!

Holes in the local gritstone rocks and water-filled depressions are a feature of the Dark Peak, it’s quite obvious how they develop through the action of wind on a piece of grit to start the process with a depression which captures progressively larger pieces of grit until eventually a pebble grinds it’s way around and round, driven by the winds for centuries.  But claret-red pools?  Hmm, I’ll have to do a little research there.  Room temperature certainly, but I’ll continue to let it breathe thanks.

Cooling off.

Beaklow wild swimming

Wild swimming in the upper Derwent

Wandering, wild camping, landscape photography and wild swimming! I couldn’t resist this clear baby-Derwent pool, the saltiness of two days of reasonable exertion suddenly became unbearable and such a perfect opportunity for a cooling swim couldn’t be lost. It was glorious!