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Having just processed a couple of rolls of film, 1 Adox Silvermax and 1 Fuji Acros 100, I randomly selected a negative from each roll for scanning .  Whilst the Imacon was doing it’s work, it occurred to me the the two negatives by coincidence have a few things in common:  they were both taken…

  • Ruediger HartungJuly 6, 2016 - 10:04 pm

    Steve, I am very much in favour of your photographs. And I agree: Silvermax is a good choice. Last weekend I gave a role – exposed @50 ASA and developed in Silvermax for N-1 – a trial in order to get rid of buring & dodging skys and shadows. I also used preexposure of the negatives to bring up the shadow details.
    So density curve turned out to be quite flat and looking at my negatives I had no good feeling for printing them. But surprisingly tonality was even better and the whole scene from white clouds to shadows under trees could be printed on one paper grade without any efforts. Moreover I did some shots of a colour map and found that grey tones of colours showed much more difference as you receive with normal exposure and development.

    So Silvermax has much more to offer using pushing, pulling or pre-exposure.

    I see a good chance Silvermax and it’s creator Adox will stay in the market for some years to come, especially because here in Germany there is a little renaissance in analogue photography.

    Warm regards


    • Steve WaltonJuly 25, 2016 - 11:26 pm

      Thanks for taking the time to visit and comment, Ruediger! I’m pleased your first trial with Silvermax has gone well! Regards, SteveReplyCancel

UK Landscape Photographer: Dartmoor Hawthorn

class=”aligncenter size-full wp-image-268″ alt=”Moorland Hawthorn” src=”” width=”960″ height=”695″ /> The pendulum of photography swings back and forth and it seems to me that photographers have never had it so good.  I can take a 35mm Delta 100 negative, scan it on my Imacon and with a couple  of Nik plug-ins and a few clicks of…

UK Landscape Photographer: Fur Tor, Dartmoor

Fur, or Vur Tor on Dartmoor is a good place to pitch the tent for an overnight stay.  It’s a remote and peaceful place, the only sounds were the songs of meadow pipits and croaking of passing ravens as the sun dipped.  It’s a place to sit quietly and absorb Dartmoor and a wonderful place…