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UK Landscape Photographer: Wastwater Screes at Sunset

It’s unpredictable because atmospheric conditions and position of the setting sun have to be right.  It rarely happens when you are convinced it will happen and it took several visits to Wasdale to photograph The Screes turning pink before I finally got the image I had been chasing for several years.  Usually, hordes of photographers…

UK Landscape Photographer: Yewbarrow, Great Gable and Lingmell, Cherry Red Sunset in Wasdale.

When the atmospheric conditions are right and the sun is low enough, Wasdale, the screes and surrounding hills can turn almost crimson for a short time in the evenings.  It’s a well-known and sometimes elusive phenomenon that will attract hordes of photographers, most of whom congregate around the gull rock area of Wastwater.  I was…

UK Landscape Photographer: Westmorland Cairn and Wastwater

The view from Westmorland Cairn to Wastwater is fairly breathtaking, I watched a float plane fly in from the west.  It circled the lake and then landed on the water, the first time I’ve seen this done in the English Lake District.  Looking at the moss growing on it, the cairn must be quite ancient….