Inch Strand

Another stormy evening on Inch Strand.  I can’t think of a better place for moody beach photography when a series of weather fronts come piling in from the Atlantic, especially at low tide.  The main problem is with keeping the lightweight Gitzo Traveller steady whilst being pushed around by the unrelenting wind.  It makes long exposures impractical, so the shutter speed here was 1/4 sec and the tripod as low down to the sand as possible.  The obvious counter argument in favour of using a heavy tripod is flawed here as the wet sand at low tide is soft and appears to want to slowly engulf stationary heavyweights.  I had the wet feet to prove it!

The storm had passed and calm conditions returned as Inch’s fickle moods turned again.  Inch Strand is productive during any of it’s infinite mood-phases and is one of the locations we’ll visit on our Wild Light Photo Tour to Kerry & Dingle in May 2016, I particularly like it on those blue-saturated stormy, deserted evenings.  Even with wet feet!

 Inch Strand, Co. Kerry

Inch Strand

Wild Light Photography Tours with Steve Walton

Nikon D810, 28mm f1.8G