Outer Hebrides Wild Light Photography Workshops

**** One remaining place only on this tour!****


Outer Hebrides Wild Light Photography Workshop based at The Harris Hotel, Tarbert 2016: there isnow only one place remaining on this popular Wild Light photography workshop.  The Outer Hebrides are a wonderful destination for landscape and travel photography, changing light and weather adds drama to seascapes and prehistoric standing stones.  Machair, mountains, moorland and beaches, the landscape changes at every turn with endless opportunities for landscape photography.  Farming, Harris tweed weaving and fishing are the main industries on the islands and there is also a wealth of photographic potential here for social documentary photography.  Whether it’s the sheep that are being gathered, the catch being landed or the loom clattering away in one of the many weaving sheds on Harris, there is always a plethora of material to create a photo essay.

It’s a tradition on the islands that when the owner of a croft passes away, the croft will stand empty as a permanent memorial to previous occupants.  Many of these old crofts are derelict and make interesting, often very moving, subjects against the unique landscape and strong skies.  A broken window, an old door with paint peeling, crab pots and other items that were part of the day to day lives of those who once lived there tell a very powerful story in photographs.  We will visit  some of these silent memorials.  We treat them with respect as we create our images that record what is left of the lives and loves of previous lives and then we quietly leave.  We will photograph the sea, the land and the people of these amazing islands and before we leave we will plan our return.  Once visited, the Outer Hebrides will call you back again and again!

Tour itinerary information here: https://www.uklandscapephotographer.com/wild-light-photography-tour-the-outer-hebrides/

Rachel’s croft, Isle of Harris October 2015. 

Nikon D810, Nikon 20mm f1.8G

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