Sandcastle vs Tide

Watching the incoming tide demolish and erase a sandcastle is endlessly fascinating.  It’s a reminder of several things, a leveler in more ways than the obvious.  I watched this process until the sandcastle was gone forever and the outgoing tide would leave a blank canvas once again.  Building on sand isn’t the best plan and and since time and tide waits for no man, there came the inevitable, irresistible point when I had to pick up the tripod and retreat back up the beach.

We can play with our surroundings for the purposes of such simple pleasures as building sandcastles.  We can change and influence nature’s forces, sometimes for the better and often for worse.  In the end, though, nature seems to have an irrepressible ability to repair and renew, eradicate and remind.

A pristine beach, unmarked by sandcastles and footprints is a privileged find.  It’s a joyous and timeless place to be when devoid of human intrusion.  A place where we can watch the tide, whether mild and innocuous in character or ferociously aggressive in it’s work.  Either way,  we will love the fresh start the turning tide reveals and we will be reminded once again that we should learn the lessons that our environment and nature provides for us.

Life is about choices and lessons to be learned.  The choices we make dictate how we individually and collectively live our lives.  It’s up to us to decide if we should learn the lessons that the effects of our choices present to us.   Building on sand is not the best plan!

Watching the incoming tide demolish the sandcastle gave me something to take away and think about.  The cleansing and renewal was uplifting, but recognising the lesson was a profound privilege.  I can’t wait to revisit this place!

Sandcastles built on Sand

Sandcastle 002


Hasselblad 503CW, 50mm distagon CFi, Fuji RVP 50