UK Landscape Photographer: Dartmoor Hawthorn

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The pendulum of photography swings back and forth and it seems to me that photographers have never had it so good.  I can take a 35mm Delta 100 negative, scan it on my Imacon and with a couple  of Nik plug-ins and a few clicks of the stylus, I can make a 16″ inkjet print from the tiff that competes on quality with a traditional medium format darkroom wet print.  The old rule book has been re-written and the true benefit is that I can use the film, lenses and cameras that I love to combine workflows and produce print output that exceeds traditional methods.  Wild horses would not drag me back into a darkroom, I firmly left all that behind years ago but I’ll continue to use film of several formats until the option is no longer viable.

I happened across this old, gnarled hawthorn tree during a day’s walking on Dartmoor.  The Leica MP was loaded with a roll of Ilford Delta 100, which I love for it’s almost grain-free pictorial qualities, and the 90mm Elmarit-M f2.8 lens gave the subject the isolation I was planning for.  Where granite tors are the perpetual guardians of Dartmoor, theses old hawthorns are the keepers of this living landscape.  Find a hawthorn, sit down in it’s company, brew a mug of tea and enjoy the peace of Dartmoor!

Leica MP

Elmarit_M 90mm f2.8

Ilford Delta 100

Heliopan O22